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About us

ENCORE Los Angeles is a boutique Residential Property Management Company.

Our service caters to Single Family Homes up to Residential Multifamily Buildings as far as Beverly Hills up till Malibu.

Our team consists of a vibrant, energized, and technology-based company with a new approach to Property Management

The close attention to detail and attentive customer service keep our clientele happy, stress-free, and satisfied time after time.

Why Encore?

exists for three simple reasons— to love, help, and grow. We are not just a property management company, it’s a way of life committed by the belief that you matter.

We view each resident and owner as a valued opportunity to connect and make a positive impact, however big or small, because we all deserve that.

We’re committed to serving our residents and owners the highest quality service we can offer. We never stop growing, learning, and listening, because you are our priority, always.

When your property is managed by ENCORE, you join a community and life style that welcomes you just as you are. 

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