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At your service

Full Service Property Management

          Professional Leasing Services
 Open 24/7, contacting inquiries immediately and show units promptly. Listing's on, Zillow, the MLS, Facebook, Instagram, and our personal database.

      Online Tenant Portal
 Tenants have the ability to set up auto pay and request maintenance online, therefor creating a stress free and ease of process.

       Video Listings of Units
 Our team video record's each unit, creating ease to interested applicants that are unable to view in person.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

In-House accounting and bookkeeping tracking all records of payments for expenses, vendors, utilities, and more!

     Repair & Maintenance Services
Our team, uses low cost third party vendor's, for weekly maintenance services. The repair team is a third party vendor, always available to our team insuring low cost repairs.
No middle man payments, only pay what they charge.


    Weekly Property Inspections
We visit the properties on a consisten basis to insure day to day tasks are running smoothly.

              Tenant Screening 
 We offer credit score checks and background checks on our tenants portal for applicants.

 Statements & Reports

 We offer free custom statements and reports of your properties. Unlimited amounts of statements and reports any time you need them.

     24/7 Emergency Services
Our staff is available 24/7 for emergency services


           Live Office Staff 
Need to speak to a person?
No problem, customer service is key. We are available weekdays 9 am - 5 pm pacific standard time.

       Tenant Evictions Services Our team is connected with the wisest and most skillful attorneys Los Angeles has to offer and will be at our service.
*All legal fee's are paid to third party attorney.
No middle man fee.

   Investment Strategies & Consulting
Backed by 30 years of real estate experience, our team will guide you through the latest trends, how to maximize your profitability & portfolio.

Personalized Marketing Plans  Our creative team focuses on niches depending on where the property is located, and searches for specific candidates to market to. 

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